Construction Architecture – Be Sure Your IT is Ready for Move-In Day

IT implementation is often a second thought when companies build a new facility or renovate a current workspace. Trying to fit technology into a finished structure can be a costly step backward if you don’t bring in an IT team early in the construction process.

Huneidi Services has partnered with leading contractors, real estate developers, and small businesses to ensure the technology infrastructure of their building plan meets the needs of its new occupants. When included in the design and construction, we can better identify your technology requirements, uncover potential problems, and deliver cost-effective solutions. From determining where to house your server room to mapping the most effective Wi-Fi placement, we help ease one significant stress of moving.

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How Our IT Consultants Can Help With Your Construction Project

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Infrastructure Assessment

If you’re moving or renovating, Huneidi’s IT experts can perform a walkthrough of your potential space to inspect the existing infrastructure and determine what modifications may need to be made.

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Technology Architecture

Huneidi Services will work with your design-build team to recommend the ideal spaces for technology and the framework for seamless integration of new builds and remodels.

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IT Consulting

Whether building a residential high-rise or accommodating your growing company, we can design a hardware solution that supports your IT must-haves today and sets the foundation for the future.

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Vendor Coordination

We take vendor management out of your hands and work directly with your contractors, vendors, and network system providers to manage a smooth migration and installation of your IT solutions.

Contact Us for Your Construction Architecture Quote

The stage of your building or remodeling project may impact your IT construction costs and timeline. That’s why it’s best to bring in an experienced IT consultant long before you break ground. Contact Huneidi Services today to learn more about our custom infrastructure solutions.

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