Meet Ryan Huneidi, Enterprise Architect & Founder of Huneidi Services

Ryan Huneidi is the owner of Huneidi Services in Edwardsville, IL. Ryan has developed a roster of cutting-edge IT services and solutions scaled to each client’s needs through his role as an Enterprise Architect at some of the world’s biggest companies and his passion for staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. He’s here to help small businesses succeed and elevate them as recognized leaders in their market, regardless of their size.

It isn’t an understatement to say IT has been a lifelong obsession for Ryan. At age three, Ryan began working on his first computer, which ran IBM’s OS/2 operating system. Ryan became one of the first to test and master new products and software as soon as they were released. By the time he was in fifth grade, he was already working for the Lutheran School system, developing the first network at Trinity Lutheran School in Edwardsville, IL.

During high school, Ryan developed a four-year plan to take his school into the 21st century, including upgrading its outdated proxy server, installing the latest routers, firewalls, and software, and securing grants for student computers. He also taught computer classes, including Computer Animation and Lightwave, to his fellow students. Outside the school doors, he upgraded, architected, and managed IT solutions for an ophthalmology firm.

Over the following years, as an emerging Enterprise Architect, Ryan honed his IT architecture, business development, and technical leadership skills at Express Scripts, HP, and IBM. In addition to building strategic relationships with customers and working directly with them to identify their challenges and opportunities, Ryan managed a team of IT experts designing and deploying high-level technical solutions aligned with client requirements. That ability to seamlessly jump from client-facing planning and implementation to back-end development gives Ryan a unique advantage in the IT industry as a trusted and reliable guide through the complexities of today’s evolving technology. His goal with every project is to ensure all expectations are met and exceeded.

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