Virdee, a Hospitality Guest-Experience Software Company, Partners with St. Louis-based Huneidi Services to Land Millions in Contracted Revenue

Virtual CIO

The Introduction

As technology changes and evolves, so do the expectations of leisure and business travelers looking for the conveniences of self-service check-in and check-out, room access, and payment to simplify and enhance their hotel stay. Virdee, a hospitality guest-experience software company, provides cutting-edge services to hotels and luxury resorts across the US and the world. This case study focuses on Virdee’s need to utilize a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to bridge the communication gap, explaining how their best-in-class products and services could serve an enterprise hospitality client and offer secure and seamless virtual services to their end client, their customers.

The Challenge

Virdee offers virtual automated reception software that accompanies hotel guests from pre-arrival communications through the final bill at the end of their stay. While Virdee had all the tools, products, and services needed to provide a secure experience for their clients, they also knew they needed more in-house resources to answer and address the tactical questions from the enterprise-level IT teams of large corporate clients during the proposal process. Ultimately, they wanted to showcase their software and show how it protects the client and guests from third-party hackers and other possible intrusions. To that end, Virdee realized they needed a vCIO to play a crucial role for them – an experienced professional that could easily explain the ins and outs of their high-level IT services and security software to a potential enterprise client in the hospitality industry who relies heavily on technology for various operations, guest services, and security, helping to make it easier for them to have a well-defined IT strategy.

The Solution

After meeting with Senior Vice President of Sales Jeff Councilman and co-CEOs Nadav Cornberg and Branigan Mulcahy, Ryan learned and understood the business goals and challenges of the hospitality industry and how Virdee’s product was the perfect solution. In taking time to learn about potential clients’ unique requirements and constraints, such as guest experience, reservation systems, point-of-sale systems, and data security, Ryan was able to confidently address questions and concerns regarding software, hardware, and network solutions that would ultimately enhance efficiency, improve guest experiences, and ensure the security of sensitive data. Furthermore, the hospitality industry is a prime target for cyber threats due to the vast amounts of sensitive guest information processed. As Virdee’s virtual CIO, Huneidi could quickly speak to the cybersecurity posture, including implementing measures such as encryption, secure payment processing, and robust firewalls to protect against data breaches and identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in the potential customer’s IT infrastructure.

The Reaction

“High-level IT services often come with a significant investment, and instead of costing us money, as our vCIO, Ryan generated a huge revenue opportunity for us,” mentions Councilman. He continued, “Ryan’s experience working with such companies as Hewlett Packard and IBM truly is one of his strongest assets.” And, because of his extensive experience on an enterprise level, Councilman was continually impressed by Ryan’s professional demeanor, confidence, and ability to speak without embellishment. “Ryan was able to act as a bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders, which was so valuable to us.” Ultimately, Huneidi Services helped Virdee close a successful contract deal that led to $1.5 million in contracted revenue for their company. “We’re extremely grateful to Ryan for filling that gap for us and look forward to working with him for future contracts.”

The Conclusion

By providing strategic guidance, optimizing technology resources, and mitigating risks, a virtual CIO contributes to a business’s overall stability and growth. In the case of Virdee, it can frequently position a company for long-term success and additional revenue. Their years of expertise and confidence in explaining the complexities of IT can help build internal trust with team members and C-suite leaders while building trust and providing value to external stakeholders. If you’ve been contemplating whether a vCIO is a good fit for your company, regardless of size, we encourage you to contact Huneidi Services to discuss your company’s IT needs. We are ready to help you craft an IT roadmap that aligns with the enterprise’s growth plans, ensuring scalability and adaptability as your business evolves.

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