Spitzberg-Lassen Enterprise Partners with Huneidi Services for an All-In-One Cloud Solution with Microsoft 365

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The Introduction

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, adaptability and efficiency are key to success. Staying competitive in the industry often requires embracing technology solutions that can streamline operations and improve communication. This case study focuses on Spitzberg-Lassen’s journey of migrating from Google to Microsoft 365 and how Huneidi Services created a complete solution for their St. Louis-based real estate company that focuses on rehabilitation, development & management of apartment communities.

The Challenge

Spitzberg-Lassen needed an all-in-one business solution that would migrate and consolidate business information and communications in one reliable place. It was also crucial for the business to have all their information and communications accessible from one centralized location in the cloud. Additionally,
the real estate company sought a fully integrated solution that would allow them to store, access, and communicate efficiently from a single platform. Moreover, they required monthly managed services to troubleshoot problems and make necessary upgrades.

The Solution

Ryan Huneidi and his team at Huneidi IT Services implemented Microsoft 365 as the platform best suited to store business information and facilitate communication. Ryan’s team customized Microsoft 365 to fit the specific needs of the real estate company. The process involved migrating all information, including emails, and providing training to the team saving allowing Spitzberg-Lassen to better organize and streamline communications to really increase productivity.

The Reaction

“We were really ecstatic of how it streamlined and organized things,” mentions Sean Lassen. “We really appreciated Ryan’s responsiveness and willingness to understand our business needed and help us solve whatever problem we are having.” Lassen continued that his company plans to continue to utilize Ryan for all IT solutions as well as technology solutions at their apartment complexes as well.

The Conclusion

In the world of real estate, where efficient communication and data management are vital, finding a solution that not only streamlines your business but also understands its unique needs is invaluable. This case study showcases how the real estate company’s decision to partner with Huneidi Services and migrate to Microsoft 365 has significantly enhanced their operations, improved productivity, and set them on the path to future success. The ability to stay agile and adaptable in a fast-paced industry like real estate is what makes businesses thrive, and Huneidi Services has proven to be a valuable partner in achieving that goal.

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