Transforming Tenant-Manager Communication: A Case Study on the Impact of Upgrading IT Infrastructure during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Managed IT Services

The Introduction

The COVID-19 pandemic at its height in 2020 provided unique challenges for many service-based companies throughout the United States and the world. Apartment managers especially faced difficulties maintaining effective and efficient communication with tenants due to lockdowns, social distancing measures, and an urgent need for contactless solutions. RBM Partners, a multi-family and commercial apartment community in Edwardsville, Illinois, faced those same challenges and sought out how to upgrade their IT infrastructure to serve their customers more efficiently, consistently, and automated, allowing them to scale their businesses for future properties. This case study explores the journey of an apartment management company as it transitioned from traditional pencil-and-paper communication to an upgraded IT infrastructure, significantly enhancing communication with tenants during the pandemic.

The Challenge

RBM Properties was admittedly a paper-heavy company, and reluctance to change to a new automated online process was intimating. They were keenly aware that current communications relied heavily on manual processes involving paper notices and face-to-face interactions, which became impractical during lockdowns and social distancing requirements. They didn’t want tenants to experience delays in communications or maintenance issues that could arise. Moreover, they knew that before changes could occur, RBM would need a flexible game plan for employee training and a solid and seamless process for rollout to employees and tenants. That plan had to include information on policy changes, safety guidelines, and maintenance schedules. With the help of Huneidi Services, RBM Partners was ready to get to work.

The Solution

RBM Partners is a management arm of Fireside Financial that already had a successful working relationship with Ryan Huneidi and his team. Through the successes they’d experienced with Huneidi Services already, Kristie & Michael Bailey knew they already had a reliable and trustworthy partner who could create and implement automated systems that would help them solve the IT challenges that RBM faced. Ryan and his team were already familiar with their systems, so it was easy to create a user-friendly plan to move their entire system to an online environment in a tight weekend timeline to keep operations up and moving. The results after implementation can speak for themselves:

  • Improved and more efficient communication between apartment managers
  • Automation of maintenance requests significantly reduced response times, enhancing tenant satisfaction and property maintenance.
  • Reduce the administrative burden on property managers, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and resident satisfaction.

The Reaction

RBM Partner’s Manager, Abby Tomasino, commented that moving to an online system was a great learning experience for everyone but that Ryan and his team could quickly pivot and make timely adjustments. She also mentioned that having Huneidi team members onsite to help with training and the transition has been critical to the success RBM is having with the new processes. “Ryan and his team check in once a month to see how things are going and will often share information on what’s new in the industry. That personal touch is essential to us and our team members and aids us in keeping on top of customer service with our customers,” stated Tomasino. “Ryan’s industry knowledge in managed IT services makes him a valuable resource for questions or new ideas of things we’d like to try. We couldn’t function as smoothly as we do without contributions from his team.”

The Conclusion

This case study illustrates the pivotal role of upgrading an antiquated IT infrastructure in overcoming communication challenges between apartment managers and tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. By embracing modern technologies, RBM Partners adapted to the new normal and enhanced overall operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction, setting a precedent for future advancements in the real estate industry. Their partnership with Huneidi Services proved to be a successful endeavor that allows them to continue to enhance their infrastructure today. Contact Ryan and his team now to learn more about how these managed IT services can also benefit your business.

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