Cloud Migration Drives Growth and Efficiency for Edwardsville, IL-based Fireside Financial

Managed IT Services

The Introduction

Fireside Financial, a private equity real estate firm located 30 minutes from St. Louis, MO, needed help with its outdated legacy infrastructure and traditional servers. As the industry embraced digital transformation, Kristie and Michael Bailey recognized the need to modernize their IT infrastructure to stay competitive, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure the security of sensitive data.

The Challenge

Fireside Financial was growing at a fast pace with new real estate acquisitions as well as building their own innovative and mixed-use apartment complex in Edwardsville, Illinois. During this time, the Baileys realized that operating on their current antiquated IT infrastructure needed to improve employee communications, slower response times to clients and customers, and limiting scalability. Moreover, Fireside Financial also knew that in an increasingly competitive real estate market, where technology and efficiency play pivotal roles, they needed to implement a solid and secure solution to keep up with the industry’s rapid evolution and to safeguard their clients’ and customers’ information as well as their own financial data and sensitive business data.

The Solution

The Bailey’s partnered with Huneidi Services, an Edwardsville, IL-based IT company and leading cloud services provider, to facilitate a smooth migration process. After Ryan and his team thoroughly assessed the existing infrastructure and identified critical applications, they devised a cloud migration plan to minimize downtown disruptions. Using a phased approach, Huneidi Services was able to move valuable data applications to the cloud with minimal impact on daily operations. His team trained employees on using cloud-based tools and applications, ensuring a smooth transition while implementing a continuous improvement strategy to optimize cloud resources, ensure ongoing efficiency, and keep Fireside Financial on the cutting edge.

The Reaction

“We’ve known Ryan and his team for a long time, and we’ve always been continually impressed with his deep knowledge of IT,” Kristie Bailey pointed out. “He’s on top of the industry trends, and while he can lay out all the options on a global scale, we knew we didn’t need all the bells and whistles. Ryan did a great job of focusing on our specific needs so that we could get our infrastructure safe & secure and working efficiently.” Bailey also mentioned that one of the most significant assets of working with Huneidi Services was that working with Ryan and his team gave them time-savings, allowing them to focus on day-to-day operations. At the same time, Huneidi Services modernized the infrastructure while employee training occurred. “Ultimately, Ryan’s growth in his IT experience has helped our growth, and we consider Ryan a treasured part of our team,” concluded Bailey.

The Conclusion

The decision to migrate to the cloud transformed Fireside Financial’s operations, positioning them as a technology-forward and efficient player in the competitive private equity real estate development market. The successful transition drove growth and demonstrated the critical role that modernizing infrastructure plays in staying relevant and competitive in today’s digital landscape. Employees experienced improved collaboration and productivity, while customers benefited from faster response times, enhanced communication, and a more seamless experience. Contact Huneidi Services to improve your infrastructure and how cloud migration can strengthen your business today!

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