Marketing As A Service

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What We Offer

While businesses are taking off, identity is an important aspect. Much like a person grows up, and create their own image, a business must do the same. Brand presence is an important aspect to a business and is first recognized by a logo, tag line, and website. Along with the Information Technology solutions that are offered at Huneidi Services, complimentary marketing solutions exist as well. Whether it’s a start up, or a company that needs reinvented let us help you to get off the ground.

Logo Design

A logo defines your business. The “G” shown above is iconic, and people immediately correlate “G” with google. Allow us to help you create an unforgettable brand. 

Business Cards

Business cards have evolved, once a paper product only, today a business card can be digitally sent as well. Through our design services, we can create a digital and print ready card for use in multiple scenarios. 

Flyer Design

Have an event coming up? Need some marketing material for the office or a trade show? Allow us to create a flyer or poster for you. Give us your design parameters and we will do the rest. 

Video & Commercials

A thirty second TV commercial? Viral online video, digital short for your website, whatever promotional material that you require, we can help you create and produce it. 

Social Media

Social media rules all when it comes to brand recognition. Allow us to help you with facebook pages, custom social media website integrations, and automation of daily posts. 

Event Registration

Large or small scale marketing events can create the business demand that your business needs to truly take off, or keep hold of market share. Let our unique approach of technology and marketing help you achieve your goals. 


Every customer has a different need, reach out to us so that we can create a customer proposal for your unique needs.