Fireside Migration

Fireside Financial and Hearth Construction, recently went through a major change in how collaboration will work. We have split Hearth and Fireside into two companies from an IT perspective, and are continually working to make this a smooth experience for you. Below you will find helpful information about this change. 

Known Issues

  • Windows 10 Pop-up "Your Work or School Account might have a problem" - Ignore this as its a known issue in our hybrid enviroment
  • One Note - If anyone was using one-note on the old system, those notes did not transfer. Please open a ticket, so that we can try to retrieve that information.
  • Task In A Box - Task in a box integration needs to be restored, I am working with TIAB to get this resolved. You will not be able to access TIAB in the mean time.

Collaboration Changes

You will notice that Skype For Business has been removed from your systems. Microsoft Teams replaces skype and will be used for day to day communication in the office. 

  • DO NOT CREATE ANY TEAMS - while we continue to architect how we will utilize this product, please only use the "chat" function of teams, until we communicate otherwise.