Consulting Services

Looking to solve your next big problem? Let us turn your problems into solutions.

Our Services

Outsourcing information technology (IT) needs has become a norm for almost every business. Internally a company must decide whether they’re an IT company or not. Most companies are not in business to provide IT services, IT is just a necessary evil for them. At Huneidi Services the core of our business revolves around providing world class IT service to our customers. Technology is required for almost every business today from point of sale systems, to websites, and email. A business of any size can benefit from utilizing our consulting services. Having experienced professionals available to help your business grow and stay up to date, without the high expense of a full-time IT staff, will help you to compete with even the largest corporations.


If you’re building a new data center, or upgrading your on site hardware, we can help you design a cost effective solution that will be reliable and resilient. 


Looking to implement a new software system, CRM, ERP, storage, project management, or many others? Let us help you design, build, and implement a robust solution. 


IT systems require up to the minute monitoring. Websites, client machines, servers, network assets, are all crucial to your business, let us help you ensure their up time and reliability. 


Each day businesses have employees that spend hours doing repetitive tasks. This creates an unhappy working environment for the employee, and a waste of valuable talent for the employer. Allow us to automate tasks, so your employees can focus on more valuable work. 

On Call Services

Small businesses do not have budget for a full time IT staff. Combine our automation, and monitoring services, with an on-call contract and we can help ensure that your business will have enterprise class reliability. Check out our managed services option as well, for a complete IT outsourcing opportunity.  

Business Development

Our years of IT and business exposure give us the ability to help you develop your business to reach its highest potential. Allow us to bring technology into your business, that will automate, remediate, and increase speed of growth for you. 


Each project is unique and requires a deep dive analysis before an accurate price can be derived. Please reach out to us with a brief summary of your project so that we can start a dialogue that will result in quickly and efficiently solving your problems.

Time is money

Consulting services bring quick value to market for companies that are not in a position to hire a full-time information technology, or business development staff. Allowing us to work side by side with your company will help to further your companies mission and growth plan, without drastically hitting your bottom line.