Website Portfolio

Completed Websites

List of websites already completed and in production. Some websites Huneidi Services might no longer maintain.

Diamond Turf Services
Was tasked to redesign the website for mobile-friendly use.
Don Whitehead  - Realtor
Don Whitehead, a local realtor in the Edwardsville IL area requested a simple but purposeful website. The single page, responsive layout, provides his customer with a quick way to find out information about him, as well as a single click “contact” function. Browse the site, let us know if you’d like something similar.
Fireside Financial
Initial design work created for this site, customer staffed designer created logos. Hosted by Huneidi Services, LLC
Four Leaf Imaging
Photography website designed for four leaf imaging. Regularly updated with photo blog, and photo tips.
KettelHut Smokehouse
Website focused on catering and menu hosting for Kettelhut BBQ.
River's Edge Sports Complex
Rivers Edge Sports Complex is a up and coming sports center located in Missouri. Along with developing this site, I helped to select their facilities management system. I then was able to integrate this system with their website. I also am an on-site technical resource helping with purchasing, vendor management, and general support tasks.
RMHuneidi - Resume Website
A website focused on displaying my resume in a digital format.
Stevenson's High Pointe - Big Amoco Sign
Redesigned website and content for the customer, focusing on service and history of the establishment.

Under Development

Sites that are under development

Hearth Construction
Website initial design and layout completed by huneidi services, modifications done by customer graphic designer. Hosted by Huneidi Services.

Former Customers

This group shows former customers, the website could have changed since this was published.

Edison's Entertainment Complex
Total reconstruction of Edison’s Entertainment complex website. A focus on mobile experience was a must as well as bringing information to the users finger tips.